Our Services

We offer a diverse array of IT and engineering solutions to help your business develop a corporate portfolio ready for the modern world.

Engineering Support

ITZ can provide top quality engineers to provide digital engineering consulting to the government or your private business. This includes Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Cybersecurity.

IT Consulting

Have an IT question? We can answer it. Our professionals are hired to be flexible to your needs to give you the necessary steps to move forward. As a small, but talented firm we can give you the decisive gameplan faster than our larger competitors.

Systems Architecture Development

ITZ implements MBSE across industry and multiple programs in the Navy, utilizing an Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method (OOSEM), we are familiar with frameworks such as the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Unified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF (UPDM), and Unified Architecture Framework (UAF), languages such as Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Systems Modeling Language (SysML), and modeling tools such as Cameo Systems Modeler, Rational Rapsody, and Sparx Enterprise Architect. Contact us to support your various modeling needs.

Automated Solutions Development

We do not see the need for redundant tasks in the business world as they can inflate expenses and increase risk. If you are seeking accelerated times to delivery, or process improvement through the use of automation, let us know and we can develop a semi or fully autonomous solution that can be implemented early in the systems engineering process, saving magnitudes in regard to cost, schedule, and performance throughout the program lifecycle.

HelpDesk Support

ITZ boasts a wide palette of experience when it comes to helpdesk needs from general electronic equipment to specific computer troubleshooting. We have supported Helpdesk-related activities in NAVAIR for the Naval Integrated Modeling Environment and have performed helpdesk-related services in industry. If you have a problem, we can find the solution quickly anytime. Contract us to learn more.

Server Database Management

From server setup to maintenance or even troubleshooting, ITZ can help keep your business online at an affordable price. Choose to have us send a professional to your door or receive consultation over the phone; regardless of the choice, we will be sure to cater to your expectations.

Website and Domain Hosting

Have a website and need to host it at an affordable price? ITZ can custom-build websites in a time constrained environment supporting a variety of operational needs with our own dedicated and secure servers which has earned the trust of many local and government organizations.

Site Infrastructure Setup

This is aimed towards start-ups or offices that currently have no IT backbone at all. ITZ will set them up with a fully functional office environment. We will purchase and install industrial grade office equipment, including printers, computers, monitors, servers, your own domain and website, etc.

Surveillance Systems Setup

ITZ will set up a surveillance system to further secure your home of office. Protect yourselves from thieves or monitor your employees better, the options are limitless.

Network Configuration and Setup

ITZ can perform cable runs to fully wire your home or office. Using the latest cabling technology and keeping security in mind.

Network Security and Penetration Testing

ITZ will test your network to find out if there are any vulnerabilities and show your home or business how we can fix them.

Accelerate your career

Innovate your future with us. Learn with our diverse team of specialists and bring new growth to your career.

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