About ITZ

ITZ was constructed from the ground up to reinvent the engineering support landscape to address the industry's retrograding focus on value.


To provide our partners with professional IT and engineering solutions at a value.


To redefine the standard of excellence in the industry through innovative service to our partners.

We provide engineering expertise to protect the United States

ITZ leverages advanced industry standards and practices to deliver or help the customer produce quality products. One way we do this is by treating the product as a system. From there, we can leverage systems engineering techniques such as requirements engineering, gap analysis, verification and validation of the system components and the interfaces within those components.

The next step is to consider value. We perform cost estimates, look for system redundancies, and other variables that help make the system more efficient.

After value, we look at security. Most clients will face adversaries that will exploit system vulnerabilities. For this reason, the system will then be evaluated from a cyber-security standpoint.

All of this is done by combining industry practices through subject matter expertise and leveraging existing technologies to further reduce costs. Overall providing the best value to the customer.

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